Office Skills and Customer Service Training Program

Our Office Skills and Customer Service training program utilizes self-directed and group instruction and prepares students for a career in administrative, clerical support and customer service positions. The program class size is small with a 1:6 staff-to-student ratio.

Our instructor works closely with each student to reinforce learning objectives. Individualized goals are developed with input from our instructor, vocational counseling staff and job development staff. Pre and post testing tracks progress and achievement.

We offer both Assessment and Training in this program:

Assessment: Orion offers comprehensive clerical assessment services that provide employability information. Assessments document specific skill achievement as well as workplace behaviors.
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office skills training flyer.

Training: Training services focus on skill building in an array of areas including: basic computing, MS Windows, keyboarding, Microsoft Office, customer service skills, filing, office machines and office etiquette.

Skill Areas:


Orion contracts with third parties for sponsorship. Clients are not charged a fee for program participation.

Class Hours:

8:30am – 11:30am or 12:30pm - 3:30pm Monday through Friday

Program Length:

2-6 months depending on the individual •New students start the program every Monday

Dress Code:

Students are expected to dress business casual for the program (khakis, slacks, dress shirts, sweaters etc.). Jeans are allowed on Fridays.

About our Instructor:

Jeri Sue Lucas is Orion's Clerical Customer Service program instructor (CCS). She has her Bachelor of Arts degree in education with a history major. She brings a rich background working in retail and customer service industries. Jeri has worked to develop specific training tracks within our program that enahance our student's training and experience.

Entrance Requirements:


Orion accepts applicants from funded sources first, including DVR, school districts and the City of Federal Way. Applicants must first complete all admissions requirements including tour, intake paperwork, background check and drug screen with results before admission. If Orion is encountering a wait list for services, applicants start date is determined by date of application. Start dates are typically each Monday – but there is flexibility if needed with this process. Requests for accommodation should be discussed with your Orion vocational counselor upon tour and interview and will be considered on an individual basis.