Orion's January 2018 eNewsletter

Krystal receiving the Orion 2017 Graduate of the Year Award.


Like a lot of people Orion supports, Krystal struggled with addiction. She started using at the age of 13 after dealing with family and personal traumas; drugs were her escape. She spent the next 15 years using. Her turning point was when she was 28 and her children were removed from her care.

While it took a few months to figure it out, Krystal used this point to begin recovery. She spent seven months in inpatient treatment addressing her addiction as well as the reasons she used. It then took a few years to gain custody of her children back, but she eventually achieved that goal. 

Krystal stated all was not well however, and that she found herself struggling. She went to meetings and stayed on track, but there was something missing. She realized she lacked a purpose, and work was what she needed. Krystal found Orion and received paid training while learning both the hard technical skills and the soft interpersonal skills needed to win and hold a job, in a competitive market.

Krystal states that Orion helped her realize she was capable. Orion saved her from her own despair. Her counselor, Tricia Cleavelin, and her job developer, Dru Fleming, noted that Krystal had a focus on her success, worked hard and was tenacious in her dedication.

Krystal is now working at Exotic Metals and serves on their safety committee. She plans to learn welding and become a machinist. She is making new friends and learning. She has rented a house, instead of an apartment, with her family, and has set a goal of buying a home in the future.  

Krystal has demonstrated that she is committed to being successful for herself and her family. She is a previous Worker of the Month winner at Orion, and was selected as Orion's 2017 Graduate of the Year Award winner.  

Even more impressive is that Krystal is looking forward to celebrating five years clean and sober this coming January 15th!

Krystal said, "Give yourself a chance, and you will go far!"

Congratulations Krystal!


 Patrick working in Orion's Planning Department.
Patrick was referred to Orion by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). He has been working at FedEx since 2015, but is interested in gaining work experience that will help him find a job that is a better fit. Patrick said, "While in the paid training program at Orion, I have continued to work at FedEx, putting in 60+ hours per week. I have really enjoyed learning about working in aerospace manufacturing, and I'm excited about using my new skills in the future!"

At Orion, Patrick has received training while working in the Planning Department, Mechanical Assembly, and Shipping and Receiving. He has also had the opportunity to receive classroom instruction which included a blue print reading class. 
Patrick working in Shipping.
Patrick has cerebral palsy, and while he is considered deaf, he is adept at lip reading and does have some hearing ability. This allows for strong day to day communication with his co-workers and supervisors. 

"Before starting at Orion, I was nervous, but I was also eager to learn new skills," Patrick related. "I found that the people at Orion are very accepting, and they work with people with all types of barriers. I found that those I worked with didn't have any trouble adapting to my barrier. I was able to communicate comfortably and with confidence. People with barriers can do anything if given the opportunity. I was given the chance to prove that."

Tanya Minerich, Patrick's mentor in the Planning Department, explained, "I really enjoyed working with Patrick. He has both a 'can do' and a 'will do' attitude. He catches on quickly and is very
knowledgeable. Patrick had amazing attendance, never missing a day,  and was always at his work station on time ready to go before the end of all our breaks. I will admit I had some concerns at first with a potential communication barrier but that was very short
lived as communication was very much a non-issue."

Learning to be part of a work flow, as a member of a team, was a key experience for Patrick. He said, "I learned how to share responsibilities, and to be open to other people's ideas."

Patrick holds an associate degree from Renton Technical College in computer-aided drafting (CAD), and an associate degree from Green River College in geographic information systems.

Patrick is looking for a shipping and receiving position, or is interested in a job that would allow him to utilize his CAD degree. If you would like to learn more about Patrick, or if you would like to see his resume, please contact Dru Fleming at 253-661-7805 x273 or email her at dru.fleming@orionworks.org.

Orion partnering with United Way's Free Tax Campaign

Orion Industries is partnering with United Way's Free Tax Campaign to offer free tax preparation for low-income families in our community. 

United Way's Free Tax Campaign is looking for volunteers. As a volunteer with this program, you'll make a direct impact on a family's life by getting them all the refund and credits they're eligible for, at absolutely no cost to them.

There are two ways to get involved. Volunteers can sign up to be a Volunteer Tax Preparer or a Volunteer Intake and Benefits Specialist. No prior tax law or benefits experience is required. Comprehensive training and support will be provided at the tax sites. 
Volunteers can choose to serve at the location that is most convenient for them as well as select a 3-4 hour shift that works with their schedule. Weekday evening, afternoon, and weekend hours are available. With 29 sites across King County, one is sure to be near your home, work, or school, including one location here at Orion Industries! 

Learn how to get involved and register for a shift by following the link below:

Program tours are available!

Orion Industries, Auburn, currently has openings available in all of our training programs:
If you are working with someone who would benefit from this training program, please have them attend our weekly tour - Monday at 9am!
  • Our Office Skills & Customer Service Program offers students exposure to computer training, customer service training and keyboarding / 10-key skills training. It utilizes a self-directed model, in a small classroom setting, with instructor support. Each Friday, interactive group customer service discussions are led by the instructor. Students are offered a daily stipend of $10 for class attendance.
Orion has multiple open spots for direct job placement support services to individuals not in our training programs. If you are interested in direct job placement services, please contact a Job Developer at 253-661-7805.

Orion classes available!

Orion contracts with companies around the King and Pierce County area to provide classes, such as blueprint reading. Companies can send their staff to Orion for classes at our facility, or we can send our instructors on-site. If you're interested in finding out more about how this can benefit your staff, please contact Orion's Training Program Manager, Cynthia Kim, at 253-661-7805.


2017 Tom Trott Staff Member of the Year

John Theisen (left) presenting Layne Norris (right) with the 2017 Tom Trott Staff Member of the Year Award.
Layne Norris was selected as the winner of the 2017 Tom Trott Staff Member of the Year Award. Layne was nominated by his peers for exhibiting the ICARE values of Orion in a visible and inspirational way.

A total of 34 staff members were nominated for the award, which speaks to the quality of Orion's staff.

Congratulations to Layne, and to all of those who were nominated!

Auburn Reporter Names John Theisen Person of the Year

John Theisen, Orion's President & CEO.
The Auburn Reporter has named John Theisen, Orion's President & CEO, their Person of the Year! Please follow the link to read the article:
Leadership Institute of South Puget Sound

John Theisen (standing) presenting to the Leadership Institute of South Puget Sound.
Orion staff member, Kristina Pressley, is in the current cohort of professionals/students with the Leadership Institute of South Puget Sound. She was able to host a meeting and provide a tour for the group at Orion's Auburn location on December 12th. 

The group was able to learn more about Orion's unique perspective on leadership, and Orion's mission of providing training services for those with barriers to employment in our community, through a presentation led by John Theisen, Orion President & CEO.

Heritage Fire
You may have heard about the devastating Heritage Building fire in downtown Auburn. The building was home to 35 residents and nine businesses. The Red Cross provided temporary shelter for the displaced residents at Cascade Middle School. Now, the Red Cross, the Auburn Food Bank and the City of Auburn are trying to help them find permanent homes. Please understand that they have lost EVERYTHING.

Individuals wishing to assist with recovery efforts are asked to direct all food, clothing and monetary donations to the Auburn Food Bank, 930 18th Place NE, Auburn, or visit the Auburn Food Bank website:
Items needed include towels, washcloths, toiletries, new or gently used adult clothing, no-cook or ready-to-eat food items (ex: cereal), and money.

Furniture donations will also be accepted this Saturday, January 6, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Game Farm Park Annex Building, 2840 Riverwalk Drive SE. Donations should be for small apartment living, such as table and chairs, small to medium-sized sofas, beds, etc. 

Valley Fire Fighters & Auburn Food Bank Toy Drive

Left to right back row: Laura Haman, Tracy DeBruler, Tricia Cleavelin, Nathan King, Victor Molstad and Miley Molstad. 
Left to right front row: Rick Pudmaroff, Liz Hickman, Matt Foster, Mary Valle and Kristina Pressley.

The Orion Riders and Orion Wellness Committee coordinated collecting toys and donations for the Valley Regional Fire Authority and the Auburn Food Bank. If you'd like to contribute by making a donation please visit the Auburn Food Bank website:

Orion Riders Auburn Food Bank Donation

Pictured from left to right: Matt Foster, Rick Pudmaroff, Miley Molstad, Victor Molstad and Nathan King.
The Orion Riders collected donations and presented a $500 check to the Auburn Food Bank in order to help a family in need with their holiday this year. If you'd like to find out how you can contribute please visit the Auburn Food Bank website: 

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