Orion's July 2017 eNewsletter

Ray at TrojanLitho.

"If there is one thing that I can say about Ray," Tricia Best, Director of Human Resources at TrojanLitho said shaking her head, "It is that he ALWAYS has a smile on his face." 

Ray came to Orion Industries in late 2016. Not having had long term success after a few work attempts, he came back to Orion to try again. He was a little discouraged about what seemed like a failure and began to feel a lack of confidence and concern about his physical abilities. Tamie Clark, his job developer, however, could see his potential. "Tamie was instrumental to my success," Ray said, "And gave me the opportunity to move forward." 

Within just a few short weeks of coming back, Tamie found an opportunity for Ray at TrojanLitho as a Bailer. Tamie said, "Ray started out a little insecure about his abilities and physical stamina. But after talking about the opportunity, he was willing to give it a shot with a company that could give him a solid start.  Ray was there to do whatever was asked of him at Orion. I knew he could go forward and do that with TrojanLitho." 
TrojanLitho production floor.
TrojanLitho is one of America's leading manufacturers of consumer packaging, located in Renton, Washington. Tricia Best, Director of Human Resources, indicated that "There are always opportunities here if they give it a good solid chance. We are all about promoting from within, and understand that there is always a learning curve. We have been so successful with Ray and look forward to a successful continued partnership with Orion." 

Ray has already been promoted, in just five months, to a Material Handler and is looking forward in the future to working as a Machine Operator. "I'm excited to see where I go" Ray replied. "It was hard at first, my feet hurt, but after three weeks, my body got used to it." 

Mark, his Plant Supervisor declared, "He has such a positive attitude and it shows in his work. I get feedback from our night lead about how conscientious and safety oriented Ray is. Safety is important to him, and it is important to us! He comes in and gets the work done." 

When asked what his advice would be to those back at Orion who are just starting their job search, Ray said, "Be ready to work and work hard!" 

Congratulations to Ray!

Program tours are available!

Orion Industries, Auburn, currently has openings available in all of our training programs:
If you are working with someone who would benefit from this training program, please have them attend our weekly tour - Monday at 9am!
  • Our Office Skills & Customer Service Program offers students exposure to computer training, customer service training and keyboarding / 10-key skills training. It utilizes a self-directed model, in a small classroom setting, with instructor support. Each Friday, interactive group customer service discussions are led by the instructor. Students are offered a daily stipend of $10 for class attendance.
Orion has multiple open spots for direct job placement support services to individuals not in our training programs. If you are interested in direct job placement services, please contact a Job Developer at 253-661-7805.

Orion classes available!

Orion contracts with companies around the King and Pierce County area to provide classes, such as blueprint reading. Companies can send their staff to Orion for classes at our facility, or we can send our instructors on-site. If you're interested in finding out more about how this can benefit your staff, please contact Orion's Training Program Manager, Cynthia Kim, at 253-661-7805.


Orion at the 2017 Paris Air Show

  Tom Brosius and Sean Dwyer in the Orion booth at the Paris Air Show.

Pictured are Tom Brosius (right), Orion Vice President & General Manager, and Sean Dwyer (left), Orion Business Development Manager, working in the Orion Aerospace booth at the Paris Air Show. 

Orion is proud to be part of a delegation representing Washington State aerospace manufacturers at the show.  

Orion receives 2017 MSP Excellence Award

Pictured from left to right: Kathy Powers, Vice President of Services, Sarah Bowles, Director of Human Resources, Steve Tyler, Director Contact Center Services, and John Theisen, President & CEO.

Orion Industries has received the 2017 MSP Excellence Award for Impact Sourcing Leadership in Disability Inclusion, selected by the Microsoft Supplier Program (MSP) and Microsoft. The award was presented to Orion at a ceremony held during the Infinite Perspective - Untapped Talent Conference in Redmond, WA, on May 23rd, 2017. 

For more information, and to learn about those awarded in other categories, please see the link to the Microsoft Press Release:

Orion's Mary Olson Farm Volunteers

Orion staff, family, and friends volunteering at the Mary Olson Farm. 

Orion staff, family, and friends, volunteered by providing landscaping services on June 1st for the Mary Olson Farm in Kent, WA.
The Mary Olson Farm is operated as a partnership between the White River Valley Museum and the City of Auburn, and is King County's best preserved, fully restored, subsistence farm.

Visitors enjoy the farm for free during summer weekend open hours. The Mary Olson Farm also provides free field trips to over 2,000 students every year!

Follow the link below for more information about the Mary Olson Farm:

Orion Blood Drive

Pictured from left to right: Chris Brown and Shawn Swift. 

Orion Industries, Auburn, participated in a blood drive with Cascade Regional Blood Services on Friday, 6/9. Those who donate are considered silent heroes as each donation can potentially save the lives of up to six people. Orion had 37 silent heroes participate in the blood drive. 

If you would like to learn more, or would like to find out how you can also donate and be a silent hero, please visit the Cascade Regional Blood Services website:

65 Roses ~ 8th Annual Benefit Ride

  Orion Riders at the 65 Roses Benefit Ride.

The Orion Riders participated in 65 Roses ~ 8th Annual Benefit Ride on Saturday, June 17th, 2017. The ride benefited the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. 

For more information visit their website:  

WIN Symposium

Pictured left to right: Debbie Myers (SKCAC), Taryn Farley (NW Center), Kathy Powers (Orion), Jim Larson (Morningside), Nikki Wegner (Morningside), and Shelby Satko (Washington Vocational Services).
Staff members Kathy Powers and Jeff Black (not in photo) along with members of the Community Employment Alliance attended the Welcome Inclusion (WIN) kickoff Tuesday, June 27th.

The Welcome Inclusion (WIN) Initiative is a grassroots alliance. WIN is a public awareness and capacity building campaign that will facilitate rapid, transformative community change to promote a world of inclusion for children and adults with intellectual, behavioral and social differences through 3 key activities:
  1. Awareness - building public awareness about creating healthy and positive relationships with people with differences;
  2. Community - providing a mobile cloud-based App for people to find WIN businesses, support community connection, take action, and to collect data from self-advocates and families about services needed in our communities; and
  3. Training - providing businesses the opportunity to take a pledge and receive training for effectively serving, working with, and hiring people with differences.
You can learn more about WIN and join the movement at:

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