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Hae Mi

Hae Mi works at the Lynnwood Food Bank, packaging food and supplies for people in need. She’s actively contributing to her community, and gaining tons of important skills. And it all started when she made the decision to participate in Orion’s School-To-Work program.

Orion offers services to help high school students with disabilities obtain a paid job in the community before leaving school, creating a seamless transition from school to adult life.

Choosing to partner with Orion was an easy choice for Hae Mi and her family because of Orion’s caring staff and reputation, and opportunity for intensive job training.

Working with Kevin Malin, her Orion Employment Consultant, Hae Mi was able to improve on her skills and discover new ones. Her method of learning is different from others, but her goals are like anyone else’s, and her confidence grows with each new responsibility she can take on.

Hae Mi and Kevin are continuing to explore possibilities for her. He knows that not all people learn the same way, so if one approach is not successful, he will try another. His creativity has helped Hae Mi to grow her belief in herself, and work toward her goals.

And her winning attitude and excellent work ethic are making a real impact — on her own life, and others’ in the community, too.

Great job, Hae Mi!

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