Approved Process Sources

Approved Process Sources


These are the specifications we use for ensuring quality at every step of the manufacturing process.

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Purchasers are required to adequately define and document the statement of work, where appropriate: specification, specification revision, specification departures, Type, Class, Grade, program number, design authority, pre/post processing steps, as applicable. The organization shall ensure the adequacy of specified purchase requirements prior to their communication to the processor.

Our suppliers are required to meet the same stringent standards we hold ourselves to. Suppliers are required to review and conform to the Quality Requirements and Terms and Conditions in these linked documents.

This document is not a replacement for any Boeing controlled documents, it is intended as a reference for the applicability of specifications and their deviations that are authorized by the D1-4426. This document is provided to assist with “specification, specification revision, specification departures” of unique commodity requirements. These will include Chemical processes, Heat Treat and Surface Enhancement (Shot Peen). Any other requirements will be on another form.

Below on the following pages you will find the specifications for performed and requested processes controlled by the D1-4426. The associated PSD’s (Process Specification Departure) are shown adjacent to the specification. This list is kept current but it is always your responsibility to verify accuracy through the Boeing Portal.

Determine applicability of the Departures by Subcontractor Affected, Model and Department. If the Subcontractor is All then it applies to Orion. If the Subcontractor is the vendor that Orion is using for the Purchase Order then it also applies. Subcontractor of None is an internal Boeing shop designator and is not applicable.

Model is self explanatory but does sometimes need the “Mfg Dept” to determine if it is applicable or not. There are commercial airframes used for a military aircraft, for example the P8. There are some models listed on the PSD that are not immediately apparent as to the program and will need some investigation for a determination.

The “Mfg Dept Of Div Below Affected” is a further limitation on to the range and scope of that particular PSD.

In general the “6-XXX” PSD codes are Boeing Commercial Airplane (BCA) and derivative aircraft “prior” to delivery to Boeing Defense, Space and Security (BDS) the “8-XXX” is a category for Boeing Helicopter (BH), and the “9-XXX” PSD’s are BDS-Puget Sound/Wichita/Huntsville (BDS-PS/W/H). Product Group identifiers other than 6, 8, 9 exist; however, identifiers other than 6, 8, 9 are not valid for new PSD’s. Existing PSD’s are valid until superseded or cancelled.

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