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While dealing with complex personal issues involving a custody battle, Rooster was also looking to change his trade. Rooster discovered Orion through word of mouth. He decided to come for a tour to check out Orion’s Manufacturing Training Program. He had some construction experience, and was familiar with operating power tools, so felt that he had the mechanical aptitude that is needed to be successful in the program.

Before starting the training program, Rooster worked with Tricia Cleavelin, a vocational counselor at Orion, to smooth out the issues in his personal life that were acting as barriers to employment. Once he began to get a handle on those issues he was able to start Orion’s paid training program.

Orion is a great place, with great people, and is great opportunity for anybody who needs help taking the next step.

– Rooster / Manufacturing Graduate

While in the Orion training program, Rooster spent time in Blanking Press, Chaku, and Finish Line areas, among others. Chris Pierce, Rooster’s mentor in the Finish Line, noticed his improvements, and let him know that he was doing a good job. That vote of confidence helped Rooster realize that he was building good work habits. Rooster said, “I learned that there is no team of one in manufacturing. I learned to play my part well, and I learned the value of contributing to a team. I’m more comfortable working with others now because I know I’m adding to the whole.”

After completing the training program, Rooster earned a position with RBK Manufacturing doing precision hand deburring. He has been cross-trained on the fork lift, RBK’s new computer controlled saws, and other equipment. Rooster is thankful to be working full-time for a great company.

“Orion helped me feel prepared for the job I’m doing now,” Rooster related. “Orion is a great place, with great people, and is great opportunity for anybody who needs help taking the next step.”

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