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Deanna Maitland

Deanna Maitland keeps it clean at Orion. She’s a wife, mother, and grandmother who enjoys camping, collecting lighthouses, and spending time with her family.
She brings 25 plus years of training experience with her in her role as Orion’s Custodial Lead. Deanna sees a successful participant as someone who begins with a “…willingness to go through the process.” And while Deanna has adapted many processes in her career, she understands any process needs to support Orion’s ultimate goal: to make people successful.
Her approach to training begins by meeting the individual where they are and appreciating that not everything works for every person. She remarked, “You have to have a process to get to know where people need to get the most help.” Deanna also appreciates the team she has around her, and their willingness to sound off about new ideas, overcoming challenges, and improving the mentor mentee relationship at Orion.
Deanna approaches the mentor role from an open position, noting that, “You have to find that fine line between too hard and too soft,” when figuring out a participant’s best training route. Deanna’s open approach gives her a chance to get to know a participant while determining the best course for them. She believes everyone has a role, and that this role is defined in a space of welcoming, support, and consideration for the individual she’s training.
She believes the role of mentor can be distilled into one word: balance. Deanna gets a sense of pride in helping others appreciate their talents and watching them grow into roles outside of Orion.

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